The Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club recognized outstanding educators from each of the Wyandotte County high schools at the Club’s October 13th online meeting.  The program normally occurs in the spring, but this year was delayed until the fall  This annual program of the Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club honors teachers in the county who represent the best of our community.  The teachers were introduced by the respective school’s administrator, and the Club learned of each teacher’s unique contributions to the individual schools.  Each educator will receive a certificate of appreciation and an e-gift card from the club.  We are grateful to these teachers who give so much of themselves to educate and prepare our youth for the future.
This year's honoree's:
F.L. Schlagle High School:  Catherine Slocum   - presented by Principal Yolanda Thompson
Sumner Academy:  Sean Kepple   - presented by Principal Rick Malone
Wyandotte High School:  Josh Wikler   - presented by Principal Mary Stewart
Bonner Springs High School:  Jennifer Stricherz   - presented by Principal Rick Moulin
Turner High School:  Jennifer Thomas   - presented by Principal Dr. Alan Penrose
Piper High School:  Taylore Weitner   - presented by Principal John Nguyen
Bishop Ward High School:  Craig Krueger   - presented by Principal Michelle Olson