November 2015
The Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club, at its October 27th and November 10th luncheons, recognized this year’s Public Safety professionals from the Kansas City, Kansas Police and Fire departments.
Annually the Club recognizes an outstanding public safety professional from each department.  This Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club program demonstrates and shows our appreciation to the individuals who do so much to protect our community.  The leadership of the Police and Fire departments select an outstanding individual from their department to receive this award, recognizing the individual’s dedication and service to our community.
At the October 27th meeting, the club extended our gratitude to Patrolman Tony Lee. Police Chief Terry Zeigler introduced Officer Lee, and spoke of how he was instrumental in starting a new program of providing a bag of athletic balls for kids in our neighborhoods.
At the November 10th meeting, Rotary honored Fireman Mike Searcy.  Fire Chief John Paul Jones introduced Fireman Searcy as this year’s “Fireman of the Year”.  They were accompanied by Fireman Searcy’s wife and eight fellow firefighters.
These two individuals are prime examples of the great men and women who are protecting us every day.
Pictured (left to right): KCK Rotary Club President Hank Chamberlain, Mrs. Lee, KCK Patrolman Tony Lee, and KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler
Pictured (left to right):  KCK Fire Chief John Paul Jones, KCK Rotary Club President Hank Chamberlain, and KCK Fireman Mike Searcy