November 2015,
The  Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club is dedicated to community service, and has completed a community wide beautification project.  The club purchased 1,000 daffodil bulbs, that were planted during September and October throughout the Wyandotte county area.  Daffodils are inexpensive, self-propagating and perennial plants that offer Spring beauty, yet are resistant to pests. There are a wide variety of species, which can make for interesting diversity in floral displays.  The plantings were done by Rotarians, volunteers, and middle school and high school youth. The plantings were carried out in chosen locations, visible to the community, in designated public areas of school grounds, where the flowers will not be likely mowed during the year.
Those participating, include:
Arrowhead Middle School
Coronado Middle School
Eisenhower Middle School
Northwest Middle School
Rosedale Middle School
J.C. Harmon High School
Sumner Academy
Washington High School
Wyandotte High School
- Plantings at Coronado Middle School, with the help of students from Ms. Mary Turner’s 8th grade science class.