On January 12, 2021, the Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club recognized the Unified Government Department of Public Health.  Juliann Van Liew, Director of the UG Department of Public Health, and Dr. Allen Greiner, Chief Medical Officer for the UG Department of Public Health, both joined the Club at its meeting.
In the morning prior to our meeting, Todd Jordan presented a plaque to Ms. Van Liew (photo below).  The plaque inscription reads:
The Rotary Club of Kansas City, Kansas
recognizes the
Unified Government
Public Health Department
Exemplary, Life-Saving Public Service
during the coronavirus global pandemic
January 12, 2021
Additionally, the Club provided cards for delivery to each Health Department employee thanking each of them for their work and including a coupon for a cupcake from the Kansas City Cupcake Company.   Both Ms. Van Liew and Dr. Greiner expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the recognition of the Health Department during this difficult time.