The rain and storm on Friday made weeding at Kaw Point Park a lot easier on Saturday morning, August 21, 2021. We picked up trash and removed as much crabgrass as we could from the native gardens with volunteers from Friends of Kaw Point Park. It was the first time Fernanda, Matt and Melody had been to the park. For our long time members, who knew KCK Rotary member Mike Calwell, you know how tirelessly he and Laura worked to transform and maintain this park. This year Rotary International officially added Protecting the Environment as one of their areas of focus. Helping to maintain this special piece of land in our community is a great way to contribute to protecting the environment and honoring the legacy of Mike. Thanks to Ken Davis for continuing to encourage all of us to be a part of this magical place in our community. We hope to see you on Saturday, Sept 25th for the next clean up.