Posted on Mar 11, 2018
The Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club along with the Village West Rotary Club partnered with Grandview Park Presbyterian Church in an effort to bring clean water to storm ravaged Puerto Rico. Ten members of Grandview Park traveled to Caguas, P.R. to work with Catacumbas Church to do basic clean-up, demolition and construction in support of the devastated communities around Caguas. Two members of the team were Dr. Dee Ann Richards Behrens, member of Village West Rotary, and the Rev. Rick Behrens, member of Kansas City, Kansas Rotary.  Just prior to the trip Dr. and Rev. Behrens learned of a need for water filters in homes and community centers they would be visiting.  Dr. Behrens contacted Rotary partner Jorge Coromac with Woodland Public Charity to inquire about the water filters he assembles and distributes.  Jorge gave the team a crash course in assembling and operating the filters made of simply plastic pails.  As a result of this effort, ten filters were distributed to community centers and homes in Puerto Rico.  Total cost of the project was $600 with $250 each contributed from the Village West and KCK clubs and $100 coming from Grandview Park Presbyterian Church.  Grandview Park will be continuing in partnership with the Catacumbas Church in Puerto Rico, raising money, offering support, and traveling to help whenever needed.