Love Where You Live
Sep 10, 2019
Bryan Lisbona, CoFounder, Kinfolk Creative
Love Where You Live

Bryan Lisbona is a native Kansan who has always had a deep love for his home state. After graduating from college with a focus in design studies, he noticed the growing local trend of promoting Kansas City products and apparel. It had moved beyond the local college and national sports teams to Kansas City itself. Kansas City, Missouri that is. As a Kansas kid, he wanted to promote the stories, images and history from the Kansas side of KC. He wanted to do his part, leveraging his skills and talents, to build champions for Kansas.  He and his long time business partner and cousin, Toby Kuhn, launched Kinfolk Created.

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Kinfolk was born with a proud creative lineage. Cousins Bryan Lisbona  and Toby Kuhn spent years in their father’s design firms learning at a young age the importance of hard work and collaboration. That history inspired them to pursue a career in visual communication. Their Midwest work ethic and personal attention to every relationship is a family tradition. And in this family, design runs deep.

Our brand offers premium quality Kansas apparel and small goods rooted in local history. Our designs tell a story about growing up with grass stains on gravel roads in the Kansas side of Kansas City. We represent a generation without cable TV, mobile phones, or the internet. In fact, we played outside from dawn-to-dusk and sometimes later, depending on just how far from home we actually “explored.”

Our mission is to capture this youthful past and to recreate it for the next generation. Being present, being accountable, and being kind are our beliefs, and we know it does not cost anything more to be nice. So we smile, we make eye contact, and we prefer a face-to-face conversation. This perspective is always welcome at our table.